Knowledge Vault 5 /52 - CVPR 2020
Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services
Charlie Bell
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graph LR classDef amazon fill:#f9d4d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px classDef vision fill:#d4f9d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px classDef culture fill:#d4d4f9, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px classDef ml fill:#f9f9d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px classDef applications fill:#f9d4f9, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px A[Senior Vice President,
Amazon Web Services] --> B[Amazon: Day 1, customer
focus, learning 1] A --> C[Culture: open, innovative,
publishing important 2] A --> D[CV scientists: grow,
promote, influence 3] D --> E[Vision/AI: rapid progress,
motivating environment 4] A --> F[Jitendra Malik interviews
Charlie Bell 5] A --> G[Early career: customer
service, scaling 6] G --> H[2006: joined AWS,
launched MTurk 7] A --> I[Early ML: personalization,
CV opportunities 8] A --> J[AWS democratized AI for all 9] J --> K[MTurk: humans for
machine-challenging tasks 10] A --> L[Investments: Go stores,
fulfillment 11] A --> M[Hired researchers, balanced
publishing/pragmatism 12] A --> N[Academia partnerships: real
problems, avoid poaching 13] N --> O[AWS enables academic research 14] O --> P[Accessible compute
enables experimentation 15] A --> Q[Open source accelerates research 16] A --> R[CV applications: drones,
animals, trafficking 17] A --> S[Trends: benchmarking, accessibility,
human-in-the-loop 18] A --> T[Customer applications: moderation,
taxes, health/safety 19] T --> U[COVID-19: monitoring
potential illness 20] A --> V[Diversity valued, more needed 21] V --> W[Partnerships: Girls Who Code,
Grace Hopper 22] A --> X[AI/ML: next revolution,
productivity, freedom 23] X --> Y[Optimistic: technology benefits
humanity historically 24] X --> Z[AI frees humans
to pursue more 25] A --> AA[ML improves truck
drivers lives 26] A --> AB[CV/ML analyzes autism behaviors 27] A --> AC[ML understands planet,
navigates drones 28] A --> AD[Convoy optimizes trucking with ML 29] A --> AE[Tech industry uses
ML/AI for good 30] class A,B,G,H,L amazon class C culture class D,E,I,Q,R,S vision class J,K,M,N,O,P,AA,AB,AC,AD ml class T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z,AE applications


1.- Amazon is always in "Day 1", focused on solving customer problems and building delightful features. Failure enables learning and getting stronger.

2.- Amazon's culture encourages reaching out, trying new technologies, and developing new ideas without resistance. Publishing is important for scientists.

3.- Computer vision scientists at Amazon can grow their careers, get promoted, take on complex issues, and influence across teams.

4.- It's an exciting time for vision and AI with rapid progress. Amazon provides a motivating, challenging and fulfilling environment for scientists.

5.- The interview is between Jitendra Malik and Charlie Bell, SVP at Amazon Web Services, at the virtual CVPR conference in 2020.

6.- Early in his Amazon career, Charlie Bell worked on customer service apps and infrastructure during a period of rapid scaling.

7.- In 2006, Charlie joined the new Amazon Web Services team. AWS had just launched Mechanical Turk for human tasks.

8.- Personalization was an early machine learning application at Amazon. Computer vision opened up many opportunities that AWS invested in.

9.- AWS democratized AI so average developers and non-developers could access machine learning, with tools from frameworks to inference services.

10.- Mechanical Turk allowed integrating humans for tasks machines couldn't do. It was used early on for machine learning data annotation.

11.- Delivering value to customers drives Amazon's investments in computer vision for applications like Amazon Go stores and fulfillment.

12.- Amazon hired ML researchers to invent new science for hard problems. Publishing was encouraged but balanced with pragmatic problem-solving.

13.- Amazon partners with academia, encouraging researchers to apply work to real problems. But they avoid recruiting away too many academics.

14.- AWS provides credits, grants and resources to enable academic research with cloud computing. A healthy academic ecosystem is important.

15.- Making compute cheaper and more accessible enables academia similar to how it allowed startups to experiment with new ideas.

16.- Open source tools from academia and industry are exciting for accelerating research by automating tedious tasks.

17.- Computer vision is exploding in applications like autonomous drones, detecting animals, monitoring industrial quality, and saving trafficking victims.

18.- Major computer vision trends include the need for benchmarking and standards to earn trust, accessibility for average developers, and human-in-the-loop integration.

19.- Customer applications of computer vision span a huge range from content moderation to filing taxes to analytics for health/safety.

20.- In the COVID-19 pandemic, computer vision is being rapidly deployed to monitor who might be sick in environments.

21.- Diversity has always been valued at Amazon for the viewpoints it brings. More diversity in ML/CV is still needed.

22.- Amazon partners with organizations promoting diversity in computing like Girls Who Code and sponsors events like Grace Hopper Celebration.

23.- AI/ML represents the next industrial revolution that will dramatically improve human productivity, freedom and opportunity at lower costs.

24.- The interviewer is optimistic AI will be positive based on the trend of productive technological advancements benefiting humanity historically.

25.- AI performing mundane tasks will free humans to pursue new things. The interviewer believes AI will evolve from the good we direct it towards.

26.- Machine learning is being applied to improve the lives of truck drivers through optimal automated load matching.

27.- Computer vision and machine learning enable automatic analysis of behaviors related to autism spectrum disorder in children.

28.- Machine learning allows quickly processing complex data to understand our planet and navigate drones in difficult environments like the Antarctic.

29.- Convoy uses machine learning to efficiently match the right trucker to the right shipment anywhere in the country.

30.- The technology industry is embracing machine learning and AI to create positive change in areas from individual lives to the entire planet.

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