Knowledge Vault 3/78 - G.TEC BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School 2024 - Day 8
Different apps for upper and lower limb therapy
Rupert Ortner, g.tec medical engineering GmbH (ES)
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Concept Graph & Resume using Claude 3 Opus | Chat GPT4 | Llama 3:

graph LR classDef recoverix fill:#f9d4d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef app fill:#d4f9d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef games fill:#d4d4f9, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef benefits fill:#f9f9d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef misc fill:#f9d4f9, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; A[Rupert Ortner] --> B[RecoveriX: stroke rehabilitation system,
EEG, feedback. 1] B --> C[Feedback stimulates pathways, elicits
plasticity, relearns movements. 2] A --> D[RecoveriX at Home: Android
app, motor imagery. 3] D --> E[App: 7-day trial, 30/year,
visual avatar feedback. 4] D --> F[Patients select extremity, language,
session length worldwide. 5] D --> G[iOS RecoveriX at Home
version in development. 6] A --> H[Gamification: repetitions less boring,
more engaging rehabilitation. 7] H --> I[Game: motor imagery scares
rats, saves cheese. 8] H --> J[Game: drum playing, motor
imagery attracts audience. 9] H --> K[Games maintain BCI accuracy,
concentration across sessions. 10] H --> L[Patients: games easy, alleviate
boredom, aid concentration. 11] A --> M[QR codes: download app,
register Frankfurt gym. 12] class A,B,C recoverix; class D,E,F,G app; class H,I,J,K,L games; class M misc;


1.- RecoveriX is a stroke rehabilitation system that measures brain signals with EEG and provides real-time visual and functional electrical stimulation feedback.

2.- The feedback loop stimulates nervous pathways during motor imagery to elicit brain plasticity and help relearn correct movements.

3.- RecoveriX at Home is an Android app that lets patients do additional motor imagery training at home to supplement in-gym RecoveriX therapy.

4.- The app has a 7-day free trial, then costs ~30/year. It provides visual avatar feedback but no EEG measurement or stimulation.

5.- Patients select upper/lower extremity training, audio language, and session length. The app is available worldwide in many languages on Google Play.

6.- An iOS version of RecoveriX at Home for iPad/iPhone is in development and will be released in the coming weeks.

7.- Gamification can make the high number of repetitions required for motor rehabilitation less boring and more engaging for patients.

8.- One game has patients do motor imagery to scare away rats trying to steal cheese. More successful trials = more remaining cheese.

9.- Another game has patients play drums corresponding to musical pieces using lower extremity motor imagery. Successful trials attract a bigger audience.

10.- Testing showed the games did not negatively impact BCI accuracy compared to regular avatar feedback, and remained high across multiple sessions.

11.- Patients found the games easy to use, thought they helped concentration, and alleviated boredom compared to regular BCI rehabilitation.

12.- QR codes were provided to download RecoveriX at Home and register for the opening of a new RecoveriX gym in Frankfurt.

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