Knowledge Vault 3/57 - G.TEC BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School 2024 - Day 5
The g.tec configurator and the Unicorn Educational Kit
Fan Cao, g.tec medical engineering GmbH, Schiedlberg (AT)
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Concept Graph & Resume using Claude 3 Opus | Chat GPT4 | Llama 3:

graph LR classDef gTec fill:#f9d4d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef unicorn fill:#d4f9d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef brain_io fill:#d4d4f9, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef hackathon fill:#f9f9d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; A[Fan Cao] --> B[presents lab setup
using gTec configurator tool. 1] B --> C[gTec configurator streamlines planning, provides
lists and pricing. 2] B --> D[Configurator simplifies planning, adjusts
pricing for budgets. 7] D --> E[BCI lab: 32-channel EEG, 8-channel
fNIRS for ERP studies. 3] D --> F[Hybrid scanning: synchronized 16-channel
EEG for orchestra study. 4] D --> G[Neurophysiology lab: 128-channel EMG, sensors,
real-time processing. 5] D --> H[Brain mapping/neuromodulation lab: clinical
and research systems. 6] B --> I[Configurator includes medical products:
recoveriX, mindBEAGLE, cortiQ. 15] I --> J[recoveriX: stroke rehab with
EEG, electrical stimulation. 16] I --> K[mindBEAGLE assesses coma patients
using EEG, stimulation. 17] I --> L[cortiQ: flexible EEG device
for clinical, research use. 18] A --> M[Unicorn hybrid black: 8-channel
wireless EEG headset. 8] M --> N[Unicorn: high-quality signals, various
software/API compatibility. 9] M --> O[Unicorn used worldwide for
diverse applications. 10] M --> P[gTec offers Unicorn software
for development. 11] P --> Q[Unicorn EEG moves avatar
in Unity game. 12] M --> R[Unicorn kits enable class
EEG/BCI projects. 13] M --> S[Follow gTec, access code
on GitHub. 14] A --> T[ register for spring
school and hackathon. 19] T --> U[Hackathon aims for 50
teams, waitlist possible. 20] U --> V[Discord allows participant interaction,
potential team changes. 21] U --> W[Onsite teams meeting in
various countries. 22] W --> X[Onsite projects: puzzle, adventure
games. Online teams: diverse. 23] U --> Y[Avoid distant time zones
like Europe, Asia. 24] T --> Z[Spreadsheet lists registered participants,
teams, locations, projects. 25] class A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L gTec; class M,N,O,P,Q,R,S unicorn; class T,Z brain_io; class U,V,W,X,Y hackathon;


1.- Fan Cao presents on efficiently setting up labs for EEG, EMG, neurophysiology and neuromodulation studies using the gTec configurator tool.

2.- The gTec configurator streamlines lab planning by allowing equipment selection and visualization, providing detailed equipment lists and pricing.

3.- Standard BCI lab example for ERP studies with visual/auditory response, integrating 32-channel wireless EEG and 8-channel fNIRS.

4.- Hybrid scanning example for phase synchrony study across orchestra performers, using 5 synchronized 16-channel wireless EEG devices.

5.- Neurophysiology lab example for high-density 128-channel EMG with GSR, temperature, heart rate, respiration sensors and real-time processing.

6.- Functional brain mapping/closed-loop neuromodulation lab example with parallel clinical and research systems, cortical stimulator, and channel switching.

7.- Configurator simplifies complex lab planning in minutes, provides visuals of selected items, and allows easy price adjustments for budgeting.

8.- Fan introduces the Unicorn hybrid black, a sleek 8-channel wireless EEG headset with hybrid electrodes for gel or dry recording.

9.- Unicorn has 24-bit ADC, 250Hz sampling, consistent high-quality signals comparable to research systems, and works with various software/APIs.

10.- Unicorn used worldwide by researchers, companies, artists for applications like gin-tonics, art installations, robotic painting, and fashion tech.

11.- gTec offers multiple free and paid software options for Unicorn like C++/Python APIs, MATLAB/Simulink, Unity for application development.

12.- Example shows real-time Unicorn EEG used in Unity game for moving avatar by visually focusing on flashing targets without movement.

13.- Unicorn educational kits enable class projects on EEG/BCI topics with 8 devices for 40 students in 8 five-person groups.

14.- Fan invites participants to follow gTec on social media and ask any questions. He shares the GitHub link for code examples.

15.- Christoph suggests Fan also show the medical products in the configurator - recoveriX, mindBEAGLE and cortiQ.

16.- recoveriX is for stroke rehab, includes hand and/or foot therapy with EEG and functional electrical stimulation. Configurator lists all components.

17.- mindBEAGLE is an assessment system for coma patients using EEG and vibro-tactile stimulation. Configurator provides full parts list.

18.- cortiQ is an FDA/CE certified device with flexible EEG channel count and electrode type options for clinical and research use.

19.- Christoph shows the website where participants register for the spring school and hackathon, and access the program schedule.

20.- Most hackathon teams are currently full, aiming for around 50 teams total. New registrations are waitlisted but may still get in.

21.- The gTec Discord channel linked on allows participants to interact, ask questions, and potentially change teams if needed.

22.- Onsite teams are meeting in person in places like Mexico, Poland and Canada. Online teams are grouped by compatible time zones.

23.- Examples of onsite team projects include puzzle games and adventure games. Online teams have diverse international membership.

24.- Teams should avoid spanning distant time zones like Europe and Asia due to jet lag. Europe and South America grouping works well.

25.- Spreadsheet is shown listing all currently registered hackathon participants, their team numbers, locations, emails and project focuses.

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