Knowledge Vault 3/1 - GTEC BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School 2024 - Day 1
Brain-computer interface and neurotechnology overview
Christoph Guger, g.tec medical engineering GmbH (AT) & Hackathon Host
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Concept Graph & Resume using Claude 3 Opus | Chat GPT4 | Llama 3:

graph LR classDef guger fill:#f9d4d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef school fill:#d4f9d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef tech fill:#d4d4f9, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef apps fill:#f9f9d4, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; classDef certs fill:#f9d4f9, font-weight:bold, font-size:14px; A[Christoph Guger] --> B[Guger welcomes participants.
13hr daily event, 14 credits. 1] A --> C[Spring School: streaming,
Discord, hackathon, BCI lectures. 2] C --> D[Final exam for
additional certificate. 18] D --> E[Keynote speakers receive
appreciation certificates. 18] C --> F[Completion certificates for credits.
Hackathon awards top 3. 17] A --> G[G.Tec: worldwide offices,
15 EEG/fNIRS research projects. 3] G --> H[25yr BCI development history. 4] H --> I[100% BCI accuracy 1999,
1st wireless EEG 2007. 5] G --> J[Tech in Beowulf, gaming,
mind-controlled robots. 6] G --> K[Clean EEG crucial.
Best 60min signal quality. 7] G --> L[Wireless Unicorn Hybrid Black:
easy use, 99% clean data. 8] G --> M[EEG+NIRS for blood oxygenation.
Real-time sync with events. 9] G --> N[EEG with ChatGPT, DALL-E
for artwork at Ars Electronica. 10] G --> O[Unicorn EEG for VR/AR.
Puzzle & Fortnite demos. 11] G --> P[Software: API, Simulink, Unity,
cognitive metrics, arrhythmia prediction. 12] G --> Q[ERD predicts motor imagery.
Improves post-stroke rehab. 13] G --> R[1024ch EEG maps fingers.
19ch clinical EEG lower res. 14] G --> S[ECoG maps separate responses
to tongue, language, vision, motor. 15] G --> T[ECoG/EEG guides surgery.
Dress reflects concentration. 16] A --> U[Frankie Seal: clean EEG,
hardware selection for experiments. 19] class A,B guger; class C,D,E,F school; class G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T tech; class U apps;


1.-Christoph Guger welcomes participants from around the world to the 2024 BCI Spring School, a 13-hour daily educational event for 14 credits.

2.-Spring School features YouTube streaming, Discord channel for exchange, hackathon projects, and lectures covering BCI basics, components, signal processing and applications.

3.-G.Tec has offices worldwide and runs 15 research projects combining EEG, fNIRS for coma, MS rehab, and magnetic deep brain stimulation.

4.-Christoph summarizes G.Tec's 25 year history of BCI development from his PhD creating the first real-time BCI to current wireless systems.

5.-G.Tec achieved 100% BCI accuracy in 1999 using CSP algorithms, developed the first wireless EEG in 2007, and Microsoft Innovation Award in 2010.

6.-G.Tec technology was used in the Beowulf movie, high gamma mapping, neurorehabilitation gaming, fashion tech, and Art projects with mind-controlled robots.

7.-Clean EEG data is crucial for BCI experiments. A study showed G.Tec had the best EEG signal quality during 60 min tasks.

8.-The wireless Unicorn Hybrid Black uses hybrid gel/dry electrodes for easy application and 99% clean data even during backflips and situps.

9.-G.Tec combines EEG with NIRS for measuring blood oxygenation. The grids allow co-located sensors. Real-time visualization syncs with experiment events.

10.-G.Tec interfaces EEG with ChatGPT to interpret mental states and with DALL-E to generate artwork based on brain activity at Ars Electronica.

11.-New Unicorn EEG headband snaps onto VR headsets for instant EEG in VR/AR. Puzzle games and Fortnite interfaces were demoed.

12.-G.Tec's full software suite includes APIs, Simulink experimenting, Unity development, cognitive metrics, source localization, and heart arrhythmia prediction from ECG.

13.-ERD brain activity predicts left/right hand motor imagery. Neurorehabilitation by closing the loop with FES improves post-stroke hand function.

14.-1024-channel Geodesic sensor net maps separate EEG activity for each finger. Clinical 19-channel EEG is far lower resolution.

15.-ECoG patient had separate high gamma responses to tongue movement, auditory language, visual face/color processing, sensorimotor activity while solving Rubik's cube.

16.-ECoG and EEG source imaging guides tumor surgery, improving outcomes. Stereo EEG maps deep brain structures. Wearable dress reflects real-time concentration.

17.-At the end of Spring School, participants receive certificates of completion qualifying for university credits. Top 3 places are awarded in the Hackathon.

18.-A final exam offers an additional certificate for demonstrating learning. Keynote speakers also receive appreciation certificates for sharing their expertise.

19.-The program starts with Frankie Seal presenting on how to record clean EEG and choose appropriate hardware for different experiments and applications.

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